Unlock product potential  with unrivalled quality

Our expertise goes back more than a decade.

Clarity’s innovative process advances the age-old use of nature’s gifts into breakthrough products for the modern business.

Clarity Terpenes stand superior in the European market, with impressive international reach and organic growth to over 2000 retailers worldwide.  

Position your products exceptionally in the market with Clarity Terpenes.

Clarity started organically. 
Our best clients
simply wanted more.




Through meticulous process and rigorous scientific care, our final products honor the spirit of cannabis without sacrificing authenticity.


We’ve nurtured relationships and pioneered products recognized as market leaders and coveted as premium.


We single out raw materials that represent the truest expression of nature—hand selected to recreate to most popular cannabis strains with zero traces of cannabinoids.


Preserving beauty
through expertise

We capture nature’s most sophisticated gift.

Nature’s purest expression through terpenes.

OG Kush



UK Cheese

Sour Diesel

Pineapple Express

New-York Diesel

Lemon Haze

Critical Jack

Candy Jack

Enhance your herbal extractions, resins, oils, and liquid bases for vaporizers.

Unleash your potential with Clarity Terpenes

Guaranteed: THC-Free 

Available in: 5mL, 100mL, 500mL, 1000mL

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